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Smart Home Automation in Santa Monica

Control4 smart home system from installation in Santa MonicaOur automation systems can lower a TV or screen from the ceiling, dim the lights, close the shades, and get you on your way to a high performance surround sound experience.  We can even incorporate acoustic paneling to enhance the sound and reduce the noise throughout the rest of the house.

Everything is controlled from one easy-to-use touch screen control.  You can even use your smart phone or iPad.  This puts all the controls for your entire home at your fingertips.  Here are just a few things you can do with an automated system.

Automated Lighting Control

An automated lighting system can have a dramatic affect on both the look and energy efficiency of your home.  By replacing banks of light switches with simple-to-use keypads it they help to reduce wall clutter.

No more fumbling around with light switches trying to determine which switch controls which light.  A lighting system allows you to press one button and turn every light in the room on.  Turning the lights off is just as easy.

Each room can be programmed to look exactly the way you want.  This is a great way to highlight artwork or architectural details of your home.  We can even program specific scenes for entertaining.

This also helps increase the energy efficiency of your home as many lights can be dimmed to a lower level with no noticeable difference to the eye.

One of the most convenient features of a lighting control system is the ability to turn off all of the lights in the house with the press of a button.  No more walking around the house before bed turning everything off.  Simply press the “All Off” button on the keypad next to your bed.

Climate Control

Another important element in an automated home is climate control.  Our systems consolidate the control of all your thermostats to one interface such as an iPad.  You can quickly and easily change temperatures and schedules for any room in the house.

You can even make adjustments when you’re not in the house.  Simply login to your control on your smartphone from anywhere in the world and make the necessary changes.

Audio Video Experts has been working in the Santa Monica and Long Beach area for 15 years.  We work in all neighborhoods including Ocean Park, Sunset Park, Midtown Santa Monica and the Pico District.  Of course our services include home audio video in Los Angeles and all the surrounding areas including Orange County and Pasadena.


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Home Theater Installation Santa Monica CA

surround sound installation by Audio Video Experts

Audio Video Experts is proud to service the entire Santa Monica area. Our team can design and install a high performance home theater system built to your specifications.

Our process starts in the design phase. We work hand in hand with architects and interior designers to ensure that your project is delivered on time, on budget, and to your expectations. Having trouble deciding what type of look you want? Our theater design team can show you options for everything from room size and shape to themes. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of having a theater themed after the movie Casablanca? We can help bring it to life.

High Performance Surround Sound

If you don’t have enough space to dedicate an entire room for your theater experience we can install a high performance surround sound system in other rooms of your house. Living room systems are becoming more and more popular as a way to enjoy your favorite movies, sporting events, television programs and listen to your favorite music. Let our professional designers come up with a media room system that will blow you away while watching your favorite film and then disappear from site when it’s not in use.

Whole House Audio Video

No one wants to see audio video equipment in every room of their house. With our distributed AV systems you don’t have to. We install all of the equipment into a central location. This leaves only the TV and speakers in each room. Even these can be hidden using roll-up art screens or 2 way mirrors.

Easy to Use Controls

The hallmark of our systems are the simple-to-use controls. With the press of a button you’ll be watching your favorite movie or TV show. And when you’re done, simply press the “All Off” button and our automated control systems will take care of everything.

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