Pasadena’s Home Entertainment Installation Experts

high end surround sound system in PasadenaAudio Video Experts is proud to service the City of Roses.  Our design and installation team can custom build a high performance home theater system to your exact specifications.

High Performance Surround Sound Systems

Our process starts in the design phase.  We work hand in hand with architects and interior designers to ensure that your project is delivered on time, on budget, and to your expectations.  Having trouble deciding what type of look you want?  Our design team can show you options for everything from room size and shape to themes.  Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of having a theater themed after the movie Casablanca?  We can help bring it to life.

If you don’t have enough space to dedicate an entire room for your theater experience we can install a surround sound system in other rooms of your  house.  Living room systems are becoming more an more popular as a way to enjoy your favorite movies, sporting events and television programs.  Let our professional designers come up with a system that will blow you away while watching your favorite film and then disappear from site when it’s not in use.

Home Theater Equipment

We use only the most trusted brands in the industry.  This ensures not only a high level of performance, but also consistent reliability.  Names such as Meridian, Krell, and Definitive Audio are just a few of the lines we carry and use on a regular basis.  These manufacturers offer some of the highest rated products around.

Room Design

The design of the room makes an enormous amount of difference to the overall sound of your system.  We work with architects and builders to ensure each system is properly balanced with the room in which it is installed.  To get the absolute best performance you must control all of the variables.  And that is exactly what we do.

System Calibration

Calibrating the equipment is another important step in the process.  Our technicians take as much time as is needed to ensure your system looks and sounds like it’s supposed to.  We use sophisticated testing equipment to make sure your projector, speakers, and everything else are operating at their optimum level.

Home Entertainment System Controls

The hallmark of our systems is their ease of use.  One touch controls allow you to quickly and easily turn your entire system on and off.  They will also dim the lights, open the curtains, and do anything else you need it to do.  For more on our home automation controls click here.

Our clients have learned to expect nothing but the best.  From high end audio and custom surround sound to smart home systems, at Audio Video Experts we can enhance your enjoyment of the time you spend at home.


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