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Crestron control system installed in PasadenaOur automation systems can lower a TV or screen from the ceiling, dim the lights, lower the shades, and get you on your way to a high performance surround sound experience.

Benefits of an Automated Home

A smart home controller integrates all of the various systems of your home such as lighting, heating and cooling, audio video, and solar panels into one simple-to-use interface.  This might be a touch screen remote or could also be an smartphone or tablet.  Let’s take a look at some of the technologies involved in making your home more intelligent.

Automated Lighting Control

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a home.  But instead of having light switches all over the walls a lighting system utilizes keypads that can control all the lights in a room with the press of one button.  We can program the scenes to highlight specific architectural details or artwork.

You can even use one button to turn all of the lights in the house on or off.  This can be very convenient when you’re ready for bed.  Rather than walking around flipping off switches you simply press the “Bed Time” button on the keypad in your bedroom.

Climate Control

Integrating your thermostats into your smart home system allows you to control them from anywhere in the house, and even anywhere in the world.  These intelligent thermostats can be programmed to sense when someone is in the room and can adjust the temperature accordingly.

If you ever go out of town and forget to turn the air conditioning off, you can simply login from your phone and do it.

Home Entertainment Controls

One of the most useful aspects of an automated control system is to control the various audio video components in your house.  Say “no more” to a coffee table full of remote controls.  With our universal remote systems everything happens with the press of a single button.  The lights dim, the TV comes on, the shades close, and soon you’re watching your favorite movie.

When you’re ready to turn it off, simply press the “All Off” button.  Everything is taken care of for you.

Audio Video Experts in Pasadena

We have been working in the Pasadena area for 15 years.  We have performed installations from the San Rafael Hills to the San Gabriel Mountains.  Our service team can quickly get to any of Pasadena’s best neighborhoods including downtown, North Lake, Villa Park, Garfield Heights, Brookside Park, and Annandale.  Of course Audio Video Experts services include audio visual installation in Los Angeles major areas including including Orange County and Santa Monica.

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