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automated lighting control from LutronLighting control is one of the most efficient ways to control your home. Imagine the convenience of pressing one button and having all of the lights in the house turn on or off.

Aesthetically Clean

Large homes often have large banks of switches in every room to control the lights. An automated lighting system allows you to use one switch to turn on every light in a room with the press of a button. But it gets even better. The lights can be programmed to come on to the exact brightness that you desire.

Energy Efficient

Not only is this technology extremely energy efficient, it also allows you to set scenes in a room that highlight specific architectural features such as stonework, art, or any other feature in the room. Light plays an important part in our lives. A lighting system allows you to control exactly how your rooms look and feel 24 hours a day.

Integrating automated motorized shades can also help control energy costs by reducing the amount of sunlight coming into any particular room.  These systems can be scheduled to adjust to the time of day or even to the amount of ambient light. This way your lighting remains consistent throughout the course of the day. It also helps to lower your cooling costs.

As an added convenience motorized shades can be used to reduce glare when watching your home entertainment system.

Added Security and Safety

One of the most powerful features of a lighting system is the ability to integrate it with your home automation system. If you’re ready to watch a movie in your home theater you can adjust the lights with just the touch of a button. Perhaps you want all the lights to come on when you arrive home from work. Not a problem, the lights can be turned on and off from any mobile device.

And when you’re ready for bed, simply press the ‘good night’ button and all of the lights in the house will be turned off. If you have small children in the house you can even leave a few of the hallway lights on in case of any late night emergencies.

At Audio Video Experts we can deliver a lighting system that will provide you with the ultimate in home convenience.  Visit our Southern California showroom for a full demonstration of what these systems can do.


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