Los Angeles

Audio Video Experts of Los Angeles CA

Welcome to Audio Video Experts of Los Angeles.  We are proud to have served the greater LA area for the past 15 years, providing home technology and home entertainment services of the highest quality.

Home Theater Systems

At Audio Video Experts our roots are in custom home theater and surround sound systems.  From full blown theater rooms to home entertainment systems that convert your living room to a high performance surround experience we offer everything you need to enhance the way you watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

We design each system from the ground up based on each clients vision and budget.

Home Theater Design

The design phase starts with the room.  We take into account everything from acoustics, shape, and decor.  If you’re building a dedicated theater room we can specify every single detail and hand off the design to your builder for construction.  Even power considerations for equipment and lighting are spelled out in the smallest detail.

The shape of the room can have a significant impact on the overall performance of your surround sound system.  In order to ensure the best possible sound we design your room from the ground up.

Equipment Installation and Calibration

Once your room has been built our installation team moves in to hook up and configure all of your components.  This includes the installation of the projector, speakers, surround sound, components and all necessary source equipment.  The vast majority of our systems are installed in high grade equipment racks that allow for easy service.

Once everything is installed we go through a detailed calibration process that ensures your equipment is configured to provide the very best in performance based on the specifics of your room.

Audio & Video Calibration

Our technicians use professional grade audio and video calibration equipment allowing us to get every last drop of performance from your gear.  All of our installation staff are trained on the latest techniques from Imaging Sciences and Dolby ensuring the very best video and sound for your project.

Serving the Entire Los Angeles Area

From Malibu to the Hollywood Hills all the way south in to Orange County Audio Video Experts serves all of LA’s best neighborhoods.  Los Angeles is a town built around the entertainment industry.  As such, our clients want only the best when it comes to their home entertainment needs.

Malibu and Santa Monica

We have proudly served the northwest of LA for over 15 years.  From our clients beach homes in Malibu to condos and homes in Santa Monica we offer all of our services and support in this area of the city.  Malibu has long been a popular place to escape the city and relax by the beach during the summer months.

We offer service and support packages to test your system before you and your guests arrive to make sure everything is working as it should be.  Our control systems are easy to use and consistent across multiple properties so you don’t have to “relearn” how to use your audio video system just because you’ve been away for a few months.

Orange County

Audio Video Experts also serves all of Orange County including Irvine, Anaheim, and Laguna Beach.  We have worked on dozens of home theater and home automation projects in Irvine and it’s surrounding neighborhoods.  Whether you are building new home or updating or remodeling an existing property we can deliver a high performance system that suits your needs.

Closely located to one of the most well-known theme parks in the world, Anaheim is also an area that we serve.  We offer all of our services in this area including custom home theater and home automation systems.

Beverly Hills and Bel Air

Widely known as some of the nicest neighborhoods in the LA area, Beverly Hills and Bel Air are home to some of the most impressive homes in the great state of California.  These larger projects are right up our alley as they allow us to showcase all of our skills ranging from theaters to high end stereo audio.