New Crestron Automation Products for 2016

crestron home automation touch panelCustom home automation is ideal for people who enjoy keeping up with the latest trends in technology. As technology advances, however, the price for staying on the cutting edge with the Jetson’s family can become quite costly.

However, there are several different ways to keep up with the latest trends without having to completely drain the family budget. One of which is choosing a genuine home automation controller instead of smart remote control devices that controls a few basic electronics. With a genuine home automation controller, the owner can start off small and then gradually move up to a full and comprehensive home automation system.

Some people want to keeping homeowners want to keep up with the latest trends on home automation technology, but they may not have the finances to keep up. With the right automation controller, the homeowner will have the flexibility that they need to make changes as they can afford them. For instance, the homeowner may start off by using these devices to control the television, high performance stereos as well as other similar types of electronics in the home. Even though the family may have to start off small with only a few devices in the home, they can gradually add additional items as their finances increases.

Over time, as the family’s financial standing looks more attractive and the prices of custom home automation systems decrease, the homeowner can add other devices in the home to its infrastructure. This one stop shop custom home automation center can be expanded as need or as required. Listed below are some of the most common devices and systems that will need to be added over time.

Burglar Alarms System

As stated above, as the finances in the home increases, the owner of the home can add other systems to the automation home infrastructure. One of the most commonly known and coveted is the burglar alarm system. Most people prefer to add the burglar alarm system so that they can control it remotely when they are at work. They may decide to engage or disengage it any time.

Heating and Air

Another area that most people elect to use their home automation solution for is controlling the heating and air. These remote control features are idea for people who want to heat the home during the late hours, especially right before they leave work. Or, they may choose to walk into a cool home down on a hot summer day. Whatever the preference, people can save energy without having to inconvenience themselves or the entire family.

Lighting System

Another great feature that most people may use is the automated lighting system. An automated lighting system is always great for owners who work early in the morning to late in the evening hours. With an automated lighting system, the family can turn all of the lights off during the day hours. Before get dark at night, the owner can turn all of the lights back on so that intruders are not attracted. This is also a great feature for people who are watching the home to see if someone is home. Turning the light on and off remotely will also give the appearance that the home is currently occupied.

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