High End Audio

high end audio speakersAre you looking for the ultimate high end audio listening experience? Though we offer the ultimate in home theater systems, our roots are in the world of 2 channel audio.

Hear music as it was meant to be heard; in stereo.  We can custom build a listening room specifically tailored to your tastes in music.

High End Stereo Systems

Our product lines include Krell, Meridian, Classe, Wilson Audio, and more.  We also carry high end speaker wire and audio interconnects.

There is truly no better way to listen to your favorite music than on a two-channel stereo system.  It is the way that music is designed to be heard.  In recent years more and more focus has been placed upon home theaters.  Just about every new house is wired for surround sound.  And for some reason, people seem to think that high performance audio speakers aren’t appropriate for use in a surround sound system.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Speakers that are built to accurately reproduce every musical note in a song are also capable of reproducing all of the frequencies necessary to accurately reproduce a movie soundtrack.  In fact you could argue that they are just as capable if not more so than those that are just considered good surround sound speakers.  This is because these elite manufacturers focus on accuracy instead of just volume.

High Performance Audio Equipment

And many of today’s two channel and multi-channel amplifiers are ideal at reproducing movie soundtracks as well.  Of course there are exceptions to this rule.  You wouldn’t want to run your home theater system off of a tube amplifier.  That’s just not what it’s designed for.  It won’t have the power to deliver the bottom end oomph that you need for accurate bass response.  But amplifiers from Mark Levinson, Krell, Classe, and others are perfectly suited to this sort of use.

Meridian Audio

If you’re looking for the ultimate in audio reproduction we also offer the full line of Meridian products.  Considered one of the most accurate speaker systems in the world, it will take your listening experience to another level.

In an effort to recreate music as accurately as possible, Meridian uses an entirely different methodology.  Rather than relying upon external amplifiers and crossovers their speakers contain an amplifier for each driver.  A digital signal is sent to the speaker.  From there it is sent to the appropriate amplifier.  This removes the crossover from the equation and means that all the power from the amplifier is fully utilized.

For this reason we are often capable of designing systems that are good for both home theater systems as well as high end stereo listening.

Of course we still offer systems that are separate for those customers that want the ultimate 2 channel experience.  These critical listening rooms can be configured to your exact specifications.

Our home automation controls make accessing all of your favorite music as simple as pressing a button.  Whether you want a 2 channel system or 5.1, using your system is no more difficult than the press of a button.

Contact us today to set up an appointment and see what we can do for you.  See more from Audio Video Experts.